Back in 2005, the Oceanographic Research Institute, a Division of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research, in collaboration with four other East African research organisations, was trying to work on an offline database that was shared across the western Indian Ocean - it just didn't work! We approached the BlueBox to make an online database for us that could be accessed from anywhere in the world. While our database has nothing to do with business management and everything to do with fisheries, BlueBox was able to design our database in a user friendly design that was perfect for our needs. Over the years they have provided excellent support including when we have been on remote islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We have just gone through a much needed redevelopment of our database after 11 years. The process was made so easy through the friendly and efficient interactions with BlueBox personnel and the new database meets all our needs.
I am sure that the users will thoroughly enjoy using the database that has an up-to-date feel and is far easier to use.