I never had the time to thank you guys properly,

Firstly if I look back prior to November 2014 I cannot imagine how we muddled through without Blue Box, I can honestly say that we have, for the first time, an accounting, costing, CRM and Sales system all in one.
Prior to the installation I was extremely sceptical due to the fact that I have worked for ******** before and were part of the development and product testing, as mentioned in some of our meetings, I have never seen versatile software like this; you always have either a weak accounting system with a strong CRM or the other way around, and most of the time you cannot change the dynamics of the software, here we have the best of both, if I look back at the items that stand out:
· Time Card Capturing · Raw Materials / Linked to Sales Order · Project Costing · Conversion of Quotes to Sales Orders · Lead Management · User Friendly · Cloud Bases · Unlimited Users · Development Cost

If I look at the development cost over the last couple of months I can honestly say that the Bluebox team and support is real value for money, we have not just build a rock solid system but also a relationship that grows from strength to strength, all the staff have the confidence to phone Malcom and he has the patience to assist every user, I said to him yesterday I am going to build an office for him at Thermowise.
Carl, Malcom, WELL DONE!